Fleet Wars 3.0

A new round has begun and with it comes what could be considered the largest patch to the core game mechanics ever! Yes, that’s right, Fleet Wars 3.0 is here!

There have been many much-needed enhancements to the overall user experience, but the most notable must be the new fleet movement system. Fleets are now moveable units within the universe map, complete with an all new fleshed out travel system.

Your Fleets will now travel from sector to sector dominating other Empires in your quest to become the largest Empire in the universe.

Other notable additions are listed in the changelog below:

Sector system update: You now spawn into the universe with up to 15 vacant sectors ready to explore.

Sector UI enhancement: The clutter has been removed from each sector and now stored in an information panel that can be activated on each sector.

Planet UI enhancement: All planets have been given a fresh coat of paint, and to go along with that, the Planet Details and Planet Manager modules have been overhauled.

Battle Replay enhancement: You can now watch the battle play out in orbit of the defending Planet.

Fleet Attacks: It is now possible to engage in battle between two Fleets, no matter if they are defending a sector or in transit to a new location.

Puppet States: Planets can be converted to Puppet States instead of liberating them. This will halt the production of the Planet while active, but the Planet will no longer count towards your overexpansion penalty.

Ship Design enhancement: The ship design module has been overhauled with a new UI and enhanced ship renders.

New mission content has been added. See the first mission, the Rogue Outpost tutorial when you first spawn.

Turn time reduced to 5 minutes.

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